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WhatsApp Transparent APK Download (Updated 2024) v12.4 | Latest Version for Android

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3.5 (19)
CM Security
App NameGBPlus Transparent
APK Size48.8 MB
Required Android4.0+
Last Updated1 hours ago

WhatsApp Transparent is a new latest mod of WhatsApp which is the second development Gbplus who is the founder of GB plus WhatsApp APK (WhatsApp Transparent). GBplus is one of the very popular mods of WhatsApp currently available but it still has some problems like some percentages of the ban, slow UI, errors and bugs etc. To cut all those problems, the developer has redesigned GBPlus Transparent with some more features which are now known as WhatsApp Transparent APK.

APK Features

Let’s talk about the features. GBWhatsApp Transparent has all the features of GBWhatsApp with a lot better performance and usability. So the list of features is down here. If you want to download GBPlus Transparent, then you must know about its features.

  • Improved performance
  • Mirror WhatsApp
  • Transparent display
  • Improved User interface
  • Better privacy features
  • Customization can be done on a larger scale
  • Improved hidden features
  • Better DND mode and Anti-ban system
  • New themes available
  • We can share up to 1Gb of files at a time
  • Videos can be shared of larger size
  • Anti-revoke message and status improved

WhatsApp Transparent is made of using the latest technology to achieve us the best experience of a WhatsApp mod. The developer of the app is a very clever developer is currently busy in upgrading Fouad Mods which are really helpful for providing us new features and trouble-free experience.

WhatsApp Transparent APK info


What is special in WhatsApp Transparent APK?

So what’s special in GBPlus Transparent? Why should we download GBPlus Transparent? Well, WhatsApp Transparent is the latest and newly designed WhatsApp Mod in 2024 which contains fewer bugs and errors than previous WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. It also has more features than other WhatsApp mods. Also, it has better performance. So why we don’t try this latest WhatsApp mod? If you agree and want to get some more information regarding WhatsApp Transparent, then make sure you read this article till below.

This info is about GBPlus Transparent APK size, version, developer, last update time and the required Android version. If you don’t have the required version of Android then don’t download this APK because it will not run on your device. Even if it will, it will be full of bugs and error. Make sure you read all this APK info about GBPlus Transparent.

Download GBPlus Transparent APK

So you have come this far, well, congrats because you are about to download the latest and most awesome mod of WhatsApp. Also, we are offering a fast way to download APKs on our website as compared to some money-making websites. Download WhatsApp Transparent by just tapping the download button. Make sure you read the explanation of features if you don’t have the full idea about features because it will help you to control GBPlus Transparent APK in a better way.

gb plus

Download WhatApp Transparent (GBPlus) V10.20

Explanation of features

The explanation of features of WhatsApp Transparent is here. You can skip this part if you know about these features. But you may give it a look to know every feature better.

Improved Performance and the User Interface

whatsapp transparent

In the WhatsApp Transparent, the overall performance of the application is improved like never before. Chatting with friends, sharing images and videos with a smooth experience is now available. Also, the main thing which is the ‘User Interface’ is improved by performance and a new look. WhatsApp Transparent APK is the best WhatsApp mod available on our website.

Better Privacy features


Privacy features are improved. We can be more private and secure in this WhatsApp Transparent mod. Some extra features are added like ‘who can call me and freeze the last seen’ etc. Features which are available in official WA like, disable read receipt, hide profile pic and about info, exclude contacts for sharing status can also be done with GBplus Transparent APK.

A lot better Customization and on a larger scale

whatsapp transparent

When we talk about customization, what can possibly be done? Well, we can customize themes, stickers packs, notification icons, WhatsApp status, group participants and on a larger scale because we have lots of new themes and sticker packs available on GBWhatsApp Transparent APK. All the customization can be used without bugs and errors like most of the old mods of WA. Use GBPlus WhatsApp Transparent and enjoy all the features.

Improved Hidden features


Hidden features are the important part of a WhatsApp mod and all these features are against the privacy of WhatsApp Officials. So using these feature in some case may lead your account to be banned. But these features are worth using. A list of hiding features is here.

  • Hide your status view from anyone’s status.
  • We can hide the blue tick even if we see anyone’s message in the chat.
  • Also, we can hide the second tick for the delivered message while using GBWhatsApp Mod APK.
  • We can hide our online status, our active presence like GB WhatsApp.
  • Like FMWA, YoWhatsApp, date and time can be hidden while copying the message.
  • In WhatsApp Transparent, we can hide the forward tag while forwarding any message from someone’s chat. It helps in many cases, pal :p

Better DND mode and Anti-ban system

gb plus dnd

You must have known about the DND mode. It’s a great feature of WhatsApp mods. In WhatsApp Transparent, this feature is modified to face no bugs or error. Also, the anti-ban system also gets an update in terms of improvement in WhatsApp Transparent Mod APK. Using this latest mod will help you to reduce the chance of getting banned, unlike many WhatsApp mods.

Media sharing on a large scale

GBWhatsApp transparent

With the help of WhatsApp Transparent, we can share files on a large scale. Up to 1Gb of files can be sent at a time. We can share high quality of videos and images. More numbers of images can be shared at a time which makes it easier to share any wedding function, party photos easily with family and friends.

What is Anti-revoke? (anti-revoke messages and anti-revoke status)

gb plus feature

Anti-revoke is a powerful feature of WhatsApp mods with the help of which we can see permanently deleted things from others in our chat. With Anti-revoke message, we can see permanently deleted messages in the chat. In official WhatsApp, we can delete any message permanently from both chats in a specific limit of time. So the message can not be seen again even it is delivered to the person. But with the anti-revoke, it can. Also, the Anti-revoke status works the same. We can see the deleted status of our contacts.

Installation guide for WhatsApp Transparent APK

When it comes to the installation guide, we recommend you to follow steps properly so that you can install any APK easily. The installation guide of GBWhatsApp Transparent is here.

STEP 1. Enable Unknown Sources

To install GBPlus Transparent app, our first step is to enable the installation from the unknown sources so that we can install third-party apps in our device. Because WhatsApp mods are not officially available in App stores. Enable unknown source by going to device settings>additional settings>privacy>unknown source>enable unknown source. This may be different in other devices like setting>security>permission>enable unknown sources.

STEP 2. Go to downloads

After enabling unknown sources installation, your second step should be to find where GBWhatsApp Transparent is downloaded. For this, you can go to this location, Device storage>downloads>GBPlus Transparent APK.

STEP 3. Install GBPlus Transparent APK

As you have enabled the installation from the unknown sources and located the APK. Now, open the GBPlus WhatsApp and tap on the install button. Now wait for few seconds and let the installer finish its job. Installation is finished successfully and you can enjoy WhatsApp Transparent APK on your device. Add an account, restore your old data, and enjoy the latest WhatsApp mod.

How to update the WhatsApp Transparent APK?

There are many websites which are offering the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK but most of them don’t provide it. But we provide updates and new versions whenever they available. Visit our website to update WhatsApp Transparent. All you have to do is just download the latest version and install it. You can check out our articles to get information about the last update time of WhatsApp and Instagram mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before quitting the website, you may want to get some answers. So, here you are with frequently asked questions-answers about WhatsApp transparent APK. You will find some information regarding device safety, anti-ban system, other features and etc. Also, if you got some more questions about GBplus Transparent, WhatsApp Transparent, you can comment down in our comment box and we will help very soon.

GBplus APK is safe to use?

When we talk about the device, WhatsApp Transparent is 100% safe. It doesn’t require a rooted device to run. Neither it contains harmful malware which may slow down your device. You don’t have to worry because we don’t provide APKs which are not safe to use. You can trust our website as well as GBPlus Transparent APK.

Will I be banned after using GBPlus?

This is a good question to think of. Because of most of WhatsApp mods, our WhatsApp accounts may get banned. But you should know that Fouad Mods are anti-ban. You won’t be banned using GBPlus APK. Its anti-ban system is improved by the release of this new Fouad mod APK. Use it without worries.

Which is better GBWhatsApp or GBPlus?

GBPlus is the base of GBWhatsApp. But if we talk about which is better then obviously it is GBPlus. Because it contains all the features of GBWA and it is better in terms of performance and visuality of the user interface. Also, WhatsApp Transparent contains more customization features than GBWhatsApp. So, it’s better if you use GBPlus instead of GBWhatsApp.

Why GBPlus is not on the Google Play store?

GBPlus is not available on the Google Play store because it is not officially developed. It is a modified version of WhatsApp and it doesn’t follow the rules and regulations of WhatsApp Officials. Also, it is developed by a third-party developer Fouad Mokdad. That’s why it’s not available on the official App stores.

The final verdict

So, after reading completely about GBWhatsApp Transparent APK, what do you think? Well, if you want to download this new and latest mod of WhatsApp, then it’s your best chance to do it. Because it has so many features with the stable result and a lot better performance than any other WhatsApp mod available right now on the web. Download WhatsApp Transparent Mod APK right now from our website without spending hours finding the best link or best website, because we are here.

Download WhatsApp Transparent APK Latest Version

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